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 Chapter One - Scandal

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PostSubject: Chapter One - Scandal   Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:59 am

The sky was dark that morning. The birds were quiet, even the air seemed somber. A thin mist was clinging to the leaves of the trees and the flowers on the roadside. It wasn't raining yet, but it would be soon. Scandal could feel it. He rolled to his feet, soft boots whispering on the dirt path beneath him. The sun was hovering just over the east mountain ranges. He carefully rolled the thin burlap sack he had been laying on and tucked it into one of the multiple pouches in his seemingly bottomless backpack.

With a sigh he looked back the way he had come. Home was that way. Or at least the place that all elves were supposed to call home. They had exiled him after finding out that he had no power. No ability with claws or reverse swords, and worst of all, no skill with a bow and arrow. He was a nothing.

Just as Scandal was tightening the straps on his bag the sky let lose in a steady downpour. Pushing the wet hair out of his face he turned his back on Alebeageu. This was the beginning of the end for him. His eyes trailed up the road. In the distance he could see the vague shape of what appeared to be wolves. He let out a heavy breath. He would have to leave the road again, to wander aimlessly for miles to avoid trouble, and eventually find his way back to the same road only a little ways from where he started. It was going to be a very depressing day.

As Scandal stepped off the roadway he heard the sound of feet running along the roadway. Looking back he watched as an Elf, not much older than himself, draw an arrow from his quiver, set it into the string of his silver encrusted bow, and let it fly. A wolf squealed in pain, an arrow lodged in its neck. Before Scandal could react a second Arrow was buried in the middle of it's head. The wolf fell without another sound. The rouge archer approached the downed wolf. Examined the entry wounds as he pulled his arrows out, then carried on without a sound. They had already forgotten Scandal. He had only left one day gone.

While Scandal had been distracted by the gaudy display of the archer, he hadn't even noticed the fox sneaking up on him from the bushes. A twig snapped beneath the foxes careless foot and Scandal swiveled around so quickly that gravity pulled him flat on his back. The fox sprang forward as Scandal scrambled backwards, his hands digging into the loose dunnage of the forest floor. As the fox made another attempt to strike Scandal felt his fingers brush against something cold. Instinct took over his body as he wrapped his fingers around the hilt of a gem encrusted dagger.

Raw power flooded through Scandals body. His arm shot out, grasping the wolf by the neck. Shock filled the animals face as untamed magic gathered in the palm of his hand, then tore through the flesh of the small animal. For several moments Scandal sat in shock, then sudden realization set in and he scambled to his feet. He stared wildly at the blade. It had a standard Ganesha format, but gleaming runes had been set in the handle. Each glimmered a deep shade of blue, and spoke to him in tones of pure power.

Scandal looked once again towards the city he once called home. "Oh. You just wait. My time is coming..."

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Chapter One - Scandal
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