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 I guess it time for my intro

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PostSubject: I guess it time for my intro   Sat May 30, 2009 2:59 pm

First off my name is Dallas, I'm 37 yrs. old and i've been play for a couple months now. I joined the guild when a very good freind of mine talked to me about it. I did what I could to make my defender Scorpian the best one tank in the guild as I possible could. I helped out when I was needed, sometimes even when I was in a party trying to level up so I could hit HM. After so long alot of things in the guild started head in a southward spiral, so I left for awhile. If those of you that know me haven't heard, YES I went to the dark side. I have a NM warrior, and aHM pagan there, I'm also a member of the 4th ranked guild on the dark side.
I decided to come back, and I'm hoping things well start getting alot better. I never truely left the guild since I did make a few freinds in it. I'm kind of shocked I didn't get kicked out once Allen found out I was playing on the darkside, but I'm glad he didn't. I have plans for what I'm going to do to try and help this guild hit the top ranking, becuase that's one of the courses every guild trys to take. First and formost we need to become freinds, And help each other. I known we need PVP players so as of now I have 2 toons in PvP, atleast until I hit UM, then I'll trade them out.

my toons in the guild are.............
NM Defender Scorpian
HM Archer JimmyCrakCorn
HM Preist Star Quest
HM Ranger Frac

Well that's me, I hope everyone helps the guild out in anyway that they can, but above all, IT'S A GAME, have fun and enjoy. geek
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I guess it time for my intro
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